Demotivated to motivated…

At least give it a try,

it’s possible,

you will not get perfection,

but least you will know the,


being poured the thought in 

ocean of wishes…

will calm the fire of your heart,

being betrayed,

of your steps,

which never done as your wishes….

At least it will evoke, through the veins,

spreading in your body,

feeling ashamed,

of not doing everything,

which suits to rain,

to enlight the heart full of pain..

Ways goes around,

with multiple directions,

crossing, cutting, ending, starting,

overlapping and blaming to each,

of a failure…

but way you choose,

should true to you,

no matter, no success,

no matter, cause not achieved,

no matter how far you stand,

at least you must try….

Broken pieces some time,

pleases the moment,

what you ever never be thought,

will arise the flag which never to suffer,

the heat of failure but,

collecting the experience….

Turning Point

When things goes beyond the hope,

Your veins just wanted to stop,

Don’t stop in the faith of God.

Time to search a ‘Turn’

Not ‘U’

But at the angle, leads to another hope.

Right turn at right time,

Will built a man,

with strong hands, and determined brain.

No one knows the ‘Future’

No one can predict it.

It is the you, creates it.

A ‘Turning point’ in life,

May be future without shine.

But at least give it a single try….

Work perception for success

Pouring A Effort into a bucket of Success,

People says I did that work…

But The Work lagged success,

What does it call??

Perception ‘Height’s of work’,

Compared with fulfill-ness of it’s cause.

Does it in true words, ends a cause??

Efforts are preliminary bricks,

Just to start ‘A Cause’

But strengthened structure stands,

With the support of ‘Many Constituents’

One of them is time,

Impart a boost or Harass.

Another is Cash at,

Accurate phase.

Third is Aggressiveness,

To do and die for.

Continuity and consistency,

Are the in Major… being the spices to.

Does anything left??

May be you say it’s,

Opportunity and luckiness.

Does is makes a sphere??

Or there left a hole??




You forget?

Work to be accomplish,

There is a one thing left..

Stress your mind the answer is coming out,

The thing is,

‘Right Direction’

A faiLure

Failure means,

When my heart,

stop believing, that

I couldn’t….

I wouldn’t…..

People says,

I am


But I never stop,

I am trying,

My heart still believe, that

I can….

Looking for one more,


For a chance,

For hopeful glance,

To emerge,

To evoke…….

My endurance still


Did I stop??

Then why?

You considered me,


There are ways,

Crossing each.

Mine is there,

To show,

To do.

My admirance still


Did I asked,

A Favour?

Then why?

You treated me,


There are day,

Passing each,

Mine will there.

Faming my name,

In your heart,

In a believe, that

I did, little late,

But I did,

Then, perhaps!

You believe, that

I am not


Success: A Long Journey

After having eyes open to this world, which is running at the speed of light in all sectors of life. A man always look for a way toward success of his dreams and enthusiasm. A way leads us to the right place is a more difficult thing to understand, people are running on their ways, day and night, but after reaching at certain heights they feel that in true meaning success is  too far-away, they keep moving and moving. In actual words success has no criteria, where one wants to stand, actually it is a point of life when one feels that yes! here ends the journey. Achieving the Sun’s brightness, is it over target, No ! not in true  words it never ends till the death, It always lengthen itself, till the moment we stop reacting……………So here the Journey of life full of burdens of uncertainties and unpredictability.   success