An Innocent Voice

Beneath the bed

I wandered, you to be present.

Oh God! I know you are not alive.



Please come, let me die.

Here and where between a silence,

I cried.

Unseen retained their glory,

Through the year, it’s what you are.


Engage… inhabit… establish….


Do what easy possible.

I am worried of you,

Not of mine.

So I bother where you are?

See! True let me whisper,

People….Yes! Those whom you have created.

Making of your fool, pretending what you,

They are.


Allash! Why I am telling you.

Everything is which you know.

Let me…. Please let …  Let me,

Come across, I want just understand you,

That what you are, and

Just want to dig inside why you are.

And beg you an answer,

Why you are?


You know I myself afraid of you,

Where, there you proved me wrong.

And then, you tried to show me,

That yes you are.

But in actual, forgive me please

It’s not who you are.

Beyond the Indian’s Mindset: We are Progressing Technically but Lacking Mentality-Wise


It’s very though to start such a disastrous topic over here, it might upset the few of my readers but I feel it’s worth discussing here.


Technology in the hands of businessmen
                  Indian with Technology 

We are Indians, rather I will prefer to say that “we are the Mighty Indians” always looking towards the west, following, learning, and behaving like west but we are still Indians with narrow streets all through our heart which still boosting the barrier between the knowledge and traditions, knowledge and religion. And what is this barrier ‘Read Technology’ ‘leave technology’ ‘follow technologies’ ‘behave technology’ but ‘religion: no technology’ ‘marriage: forget technology’. And life: no explanations by technology’.  That’s why I said that “we are mighty Indians”.

Well I sound awkward, but it’s true. World is progressing day by day, even second by seconds there are inventions which are stepping forward. We are curious to know them; we are teaching these to ourselves and to our children if here I use the word ‘imposing’, might not be bad. But why we are doing these things? That’s the biggest question to highlight here. Why we are learning all these technologies when at the end there will be no use of them to us, at the end we are going to decide everything on the basis of tradition, religion and society.  Then what is the use of learning all this things? Do we are approaching to a war? Must say a technology war where everyone is going to throw all their technologies to win the fight or we are just running in the race which does not have any aim? Is it not awkward to us?


Well we are the men and women who are transferring our knowledge and wealth to our lads but in the end we are recovering all these ‘Givings’ on the name of society and religion. Is that our life of being sophisticated learners? Is it not a hollowness which still awakes inside us?


After mentioning all above points, now am coming to my real topic, and in true words I wanted to talk about the marriage of technically educated people. It’s a very vibrant issue in today’s India.  Well some of my friends’ encountered same conditions in their life, that make me to think a lot. I am still unable to understand why this is happening in India, well am not concerning about other parts of world here, it’s possible in comparison to India they might have worst situations over there.  Why we people still having the control over the life of children after educating them in such a well technical manner? This question knocks the door of mind and I never ever able to get the answer; but I have same question blinking in this vast sky which deeps the lights of my eye.

images (1)

When we impose these controls on the marriages of technically educated children, I feel we are always afraid of our society and gossips which will be there after love marriages basically. Some highly social people think this as matter of prestige, dignity and pride. These big words never mind shows the glory of society but what about the life? What happens if someone loves someone and marry his or her? What is to do with society? Is it not their life? Is it a society’s life? But we have great explanations for all these things.  Here I feel I should mention one more thing that we are not fools its essential to say, there must be some regions with correct explanations in the hands of our elders but again I have question;  do these explanations are universal? Can we justify ourselves in-front of world? Can we proof the validity of these theories?


Well I am Indian; I am not saying all the above facts are true for each and every one. And I am not leaving the hands of non-technically educated children. But it is matter of concern and we have to do something for these. I feel grabbing a knowledge is good but erasing the wrong habits or traditions or practices is great……………………………..