Demotivated to motivated…

At least give it a try,

it’s possible,

you will not get perfection,

but least you will know the,


being poured the thought in 

ocean of wishes…

will calm the fire of your heart,

being betrayed,

of your steps,

which never done as your wishes….

At least it will evoke, through the veins,

spreading in your body,

feeling ashamed,

of not doing everything,

which suits to rain,

to enlight the heart full of pain..

Ways goes around,

with multiple directions,

crossing, cutting, ending, starting,

overlapping and blaming to each,

of a failure…

but way you choose,

should true to you,

no matter, no success,

no matter, cause not achieved,

no matter how far you stand,

at least you must try….

Broken pieces some time,

pleases the moment,

what you ever never be thought,

will arise the flag which never to suffer,

the heat of failure but,

collecting the experience….

For the another Love Shot

Slowly walk through my heart,

Let me feel that we are not apart.

Shining of blue eyes, rain it,

Over my broken heart…

It screamed a lot, like a,

Deadliest, unbearable wound.

Pic the pieces of broken heart,

Wandering to be merge in a newly,

Built craft….

I still wanted to be the same,

Pretending like the loving the person you being.

You have change, you have change.

This evening I have decided,

Let you give one more chance to wave,

In the streets of my broken heart,

If the wounds would heal,

And your eyes would that feel.

But it is the last, what I have,

Besides the memories of love we had.

Know you are, what you did,

Transformed a green into the deep dark.

Yes It that’s it is,

Then after, It’s open the dearest world,

To play, in a new move, in the search of,

May be true, or in another love shot.

Hard Days Of Life

One shoulder up another,

Deep down,

Work tampered my thigh,

And Stressed my back,

Thousand tones of weight, seems

Burden of donkey’s neck,

Hard to bear, without a tear…..

But should Calm the chest,

Without hardship, could any one

himself got raised.

With surplus of heavy talk,

Let us keep over slow walk.

Hard days of life,

It’s a play in forward mode,

Just to watch the moves,

And to prepare as smooth.

Its a consignment to complete,

In way of boom,

To resist the temper,

And perform as long jumper.

Time to stick with goal,

If destabilized,

There will be,

No moon, no sky,

Only remains a shadow,and

A dusty loom…

Hard days of life, are

to make, not 

to destroy.

Destruction in lap,

That mean,

Lack a few moments of courage.