A story: Lesson to life-1

Once, there was a couple. Both were in a deep love for each other. Boy was perusing his studies, and girl was employing in a company. Both loves each other and respects too. Whenever boy was free, he used to call her and they speak for long. All was going well. Few days later the girl used to be very busy at her office. Whenever boy called her, she was never able to receive that. And after office she was busy at her home, so some times she was never replied him. Days passed, same thing was going to be happening more frequently. The boy understands her problem, and always gave her enough space to do her job. With time, the number of call made by boy decreased. For showing her care the boy did that frequently, and the girl made him a promise that whenever she will get time from office, she will inform him then they will talk. Days after days, the frequency of calling constantly decreased. One day the girl dumped him, and got away.

So, one question arises,

why their relationship reached to this end?

Who were the responsible for their break-up?

Did his extra care and freedom was the real culprits which lead them to end the relationship?

Be careful….



Turning Point

When things goes beyond the hope,

Your veins just wanted to stop,

Don’t stop in the faith of God.

Time to search a ‘Turn’

Not ‘U’

But at the angle, leads to another hope.

Right turn at right time,

Will built a man,

with strong hands, and determined brain.

No one knows the ‘Future’

No one can predict it.

It is the you, creates it.

A ‘Turning point’ in life,

May be future without shine.

But at least give it a single try….

Hard Days Of Life

One shoulder up another,

Deep down,

Work tampered my thigh,

And Stressed my back,

Thousand tones of weight, seems

Burden of donkey’s neck,

Hard to bear, without a tear…..

But should Calm the chest,

Without hardship, could any one

himself got raised.

With surplus of heavy talk,

Let us keep over slow walk.

Hard days of life,

It’s a play in forward mode,

Just to watch the moves,

And to prepare as smooth.

Its a consignment to complete,

In way of boom,

To resist the temper,

And perform as long jumper.

Time to stick with goal,

If destabilized,

There will be,

No moon, no sky,

Only remains a shadow,and

A dusty loom…

Hard days of life, are

to make, not 

to destroy.

Destruction in lap,

That mean,

Lack a few moments of courage.

Scarcity of Thoughts

Scarcity of thoughts,
In people, made of pieces,
Of beautiful, aggressive, and
useful Flower pot.
If it is, that it was,
The smells, 
Waved to enlighten others,
To be exposed.
Exposed to show,
Their talent,
Their art,
Their wonderfulness,
To predict,
A success,
Behind the huge wall of,
Makes people alive,
To worth first to himself,
then the others. And
Scarcity makes,
Other to dead for,
And then him for other..
It’s a wheel,
Rotating slow,
Each perimeter passes,
Creates a way to thousand,
To drop you in well,
Full of folk tells..
The vision of thoughts,
Pusses through a
Narrow and panic tunnel,
Ending the imprisonment,
To delighted, the world,
First to you, then the others… 

A faiLure

Failure means,

When my heart,

stop believing, that

I couldn’t….

I wouldn’t…..

People says,

I am


But I never stop,

I am trying,

My heart still believe, that

I can….

Looking for one more,


For a chance,

For hopeful glance,

To emerge,

To evoke…….

My endurance still


Did I stop??

Then why?

You considered me,


There are ways,

Crossing each.

Mine is there,

To show,

To do.

My admirance still


Did I asked,

A Favour?

Then why?

You treated me,


There are day,

Passing each,

Mine will there.

Faming my name,

In your heart,

In a believe, that

I did, little late,

But I did,

Then, perhaps!

You believe, that

I am not


Revolution “AAP”…..It’s a beginning of ‘The End’

Saga of ‘AAP’
As a party, in People’s behalf,
Common nation, common tongue,
But grouped to fight ‘Jung’ (War),
On the same ground, in the same name,
Democracy!…. Democracy!………….A long wave.
This time, a vibrant country,
spoke in Delhi…… with faith over the stage,
In revolutionary mood… taking self-stood
‘Arvind’ a ordinary man….
Emerged to overthrow his nail,
Against the…people who followed the chain.
It’s time to say we claim,
A new era of corruption free country’s train,
You have support, and power in absolute,
Show us that people can dream,
Healthy and wealthy capital,
Safer women, lesser crime,
Life just wanna ‘OK’
With limited livestock, but proper-care.
You the (AAP) common man,
Leads us to the edge,
Which we can’t even follow,
We showed you, now return us,
We voted in faith, don’t even try to fail,
We don’t expect wonders,
We expect grounded work,
What you promised, what you spoke.
Remember the oath,
Will taking in our support,
will ask you in bed, ‘How much you grade’
Will never stop…. because
Don’t think forming ‘AAP’ is a end,
But It’s a beginning of “The End”.

‘The End’ means revolution against the corruption, and self-pocket-filling politics, lazy and crazy system, crime and diminished Humanity whether it is among people, or politics………It means total clean-up.

Empty Bucket

Empty- Bucket

I swallow the Thirst,

My condition is Worst,

Became a ‘Empty Bucket’,

Once full of Pride, was ready to Bow, now

Lazy, thoughtless, bribed, senseless….

Here the Charm,

Without guts, without Warm,

Gloomy which Thought,

My head once to Brought.

Building a Rope,

Hurry to Drop,

Welling inside,

Where did I hide?

To whom i gambled?

Did i break my Tie?

Let’s having a Glass,

Keeping a Watch,

A effort to fill,

‘Empty Bucket’ to Heal.