Embarked as swine

I can report you myself dead,
Yeah! It’s a moment just i faced,
When you left.

This winter my throat,
Feed up by same pain.
Which i felt,
When my finger got drain.

It’s you, or your absence,
Cut me down,
From the earth.

This moment when i write,
I am having a hard bite.
Describing your absence,
Embarked as swine..

Wish i could add a ‘if’
Which may be stick.
Aah… moment has gone,
I became damm alone…

Be Yourself

In your service let me devote,
Earth & myself.

Earth which possess my ownership,
And me with my dreams.

It’s not true, in my words,
Let you allow, yourself to serve.

My heart embark a song,
Keep yourself in your home.

Why would i lighten your lamp,
It sun who creates the rain.

My facts, don’t judge myself,
I can only have you and your blame.

I am here, with you dear.
Be you there, only with you dear.

Yeah! It’s thought to understand,
But its all which i had to drain.

It’s true, it’s true,
Wanna you to be yourself.

Not what i want to sing,
Inside your ear vanes.

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You are in my imagination

Whenever i swallow my thirst,
And run into the dry sand.
I searched your hand,
To feed my soul,
In this deep darkness of unknowns.
It’s a moment which brings me,
Nearer to lights of your character.
It’s a huge ocean of sorrow,
Which unites to break,
A commitment of being yours.
I am lucky amongst the thousand,
Feels standing, serving, and feeding my soul,
The lightness beneath the dark.
I totally emptied from the words of unknowns,
Who said ones, says now and will tell in future,
About your absences.
But i felt you in dreams, walking around,
And hugging me when i feels…

It’s love without boundaries, or
Boundary without love,
Don’t know…
But i can feel you, and heal my thirst,
Of being empty and alone…


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Back in My arms

Will get you back in my arm,
Sooner or later oh my life..

It’s hard time i know,
To secure your love…

Go where heart leads you go,
Don’t ask me let you go….

It’s long way to go,
And it’s a turn all that i know….

Slowly slowly you moved,
Oh my love far away…

And i am waiting here,
To bring you back my way…

I believe in that,
Will get you back in my arm,
Sooner or later oh my life..

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Valentine Special

I have been through
The ages,
I have came through
The faces..
It’s you who
Stops me,
At my early thirties.


Never seen an angle face before,
Which makes me kneel my ego.

Browny eyes with spark,
Dragged me out of my spa,
And retreated me with,
Waves of love’s natural flow.

Oh! Years I have waited,
A dimpled smile,
As yours.
It feed me joyful fear.

It’s golden era of my journey,
Full of God’s blessing,
And your mercy.

Emergance of you,
After a long suffering in,
World of love.
Made me admit that,
Its you not me,
Who being so special.

So on this Valentine’s week,
Wish you all the joy,
You seek.
It’s me or someone else,
Have given all my bless.

It’s long way ahead,
Counting our steps.
Let’s make this valentine,
So delightful,
So it will become,
A long stay…..

For my very special friend…

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Sleeping without pain

The moment I end with work,
My heart starts yielding,
To get the grace of you…
My eyes invite that deep,
Undiscoverable silence,
And puss me to sleep….
To embrace you again,
Right by my heart,
And myself feel you still alive,
Inside me…..
It’s being hard to believe,
You are not with me,
The moment I sleep,
You hang with me,
In that beautiful paradise of my dreams….
And I feel again being alive,
By touching your chicks,
And grabbing your hand,
In real paradise of my heart…

One drop

One drop to feel my heart,

In deep into from valleys of your heart,

Unsound, but vibrant…

Slow but would have an impact,


At the walls,

With iron coating,

To rediscover me,

Into you…

To reunite me,

Into the grave,

Of retired heart…

Don’t stop,

Don’t blame,

To me,

To you,

For not loving…


One drop…

I still awaited…

At the same door steps,

To watch,

To feel,

Same foot steps,

Walking, talking, dancing,

Of their own match…

It’s just a one drop,

That can fill,

The hollowness of my heart,

With your charm…

Aren’t things dead?

Aren’t you feeling crazy?

See the sky with moon,

May I try to bring that groom?

Will that wash your sorrow?

Or I just have to wander,

To bring that horo…

Hey! Prettiest among the face,

Richest among real fates,

I walk through the way,

Which will halt when you say,

And will smell the same as you feed…

I just want one drop of the same…

Walking talking and rushing like a

Hurried train….

Would you mind to décor that huge,

Gave own the day when we plugged..

That moment kind of scary,

Can you please create same very?

I would love to have you more,

I will prefer to dig you more,

Please can have one drop more…

Still wanted to drink you more…