Revolution “AAP”…..It’s a beginning of ‘The End’

Saga of ‘AAP’
As a party, in People’s behalf,
Common nation, common tongue,
But grouped to fight ‘Jung’ (War),
On the same ground, in the same name,
Democracy!…. Democracy!………….A long wave.
This time, a vibrant country,
spoke in Delhi…… with faith over the stage,
In revolutionary mood… taking self-stood
‘Arvind’ a ordinary man….
Emerged to overthrow his nail,
Against the…people who followed the chain.
It’s time to say we claim,
A new era of corruption free country’s train,
You have support, and power in absolute,
Show us that people can dream,
Healthy and wealthy capital,
Safer women, lesser crime,
Life just wanna ‘OK’
With limited livestock, but proper-care.
You the (AAP) common man,
Leads us to the edge,
Which we can’t even follow,
We showed you, now return us,
We voted in faith, don’t even try to fail,
We don’t expect wonders,
We expect grounded work,
What you promised, what you spoke.
Remember the oath,
Will taking in our support,
will ask you in bed, ‘How much you grade’
Will never stop…. because
Don’t think forming ‘AAP’ is a end,
But It’s a beginning of “The End”.

‘The End’ means revolution against the corruption, and self-pocket-filling politics, lazy and crazy system, crime and diminished Humanity whether it is among people, or politics………It means total clean-up.