After long time I have sketched something.. Give me some reviews friends.


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River World

River world, yeah! truly its a friction, but things are real. I just tried to draw the living beings in river world, some of them are, yes frictional character like mermaid, and river king, but other things are real like dolphin, shark, turtle, fishes, and aquatic plants. Her I present my “River World” as a child; I always wondered about this things, How they are living in water; now I knew the answer. But i just wants to think beyond the boundary of this truth and theory that there is some kingdom type of thing exists in rivers. I blindly thought of it, and i wish there would be such a kingdom inside the river.


King of Prayers

It depends on each one that how they predict any thing. My this sketch simply represents the Holiness of God Hanuman and Lord Ram, Both are great warrior and kind. And pray for each other in different forms. Ram prays Siva which born as Hanuman and Human prays Ram in whole his life…

king of prayers