Some time it’s compulsory to say, ‘I love you’.

Having your arms in mine,

Today! Don’t safe guard me.

From my own…. It’s kinda

Difficult to explain, but

It’s true… Something has changed.

And I am on mission to understand.
It’s not that I don’t have love for you, but

It’s complicated to pretend, that

I missed you.
Your face is in front of me,

Your body waving in air,

I can smell you too. But

Still thing is same.

Baby I miss you…
Do I ask one question?

Did I made some mistake?

In the past, in present or just continuing the same,

Baby I love you…

Fool… I know you may say.

But just want to hear that…

Baby you love me..

Agony of Allegations

It’s being a long summer,
In life without
being green my love.
My eyes became deserts,
And my vanes drain empty,
Without presence of moisure,
Produced by your touch.


It’s a day before long night,
My heart going to be frozen,
And my eyes will remain on sky.
In waitings of awaiting.

Each moment passed after your departure,
Teases my soul, that
I let you go.

Can you unwind me from my allegations, that
I let you felt alone
When you needed me.
Can you rain on me, with
drops of forgiveness.
Can you sing same song, that
You sang in my ears.

I am not alone in real world,
But inside my heart,
Preseved that same tears.

They require a justification,
Can you give one, which
My heart can hear.

A faiLure

Failure means,

When my heart,

stop believing, that

I couldn’t….

I wouldn’t…..

People says,

I am


But I never stop,

I am trying,

My heart still believe, that

I can….

Looking for one more,


For a chance,

For hopeful glance,

To emerge,

To evoke…….

My endurance still


Did I stop??

Then why?

You considered me,


There are ways,

Crossing each.

Mine is there,

To show,

To do.

My admirance still


Did I asked,

A Favour?

Then why?

You treated me,


There are day,

Passing each,

Mine will there.

Faming my name,

In your heart,

In a believe, that

I did, little late,

But I did,

Then, perhaps!

You believe, that

I am not