One Step

One step away,

They supported.

Further one step,

they avoided.

I wanna then,


Heading to modern sculpture,

Of high thoughts, and open mind.

They thought earning,


Go get back to the same,


Where traditions keeps us,


With feeding, some ego

performing as genuine.

But I flew some beyond,

Where I judge, everything

My own.

The tease of that society,

Picks me back in that city,


It’s a fight, and will fought,

Among the Egos,

With blind thoughts,

To be lightened,

And flourish,

As flower of rose,

To make them feel,

Letting behind is the way,

To a new day….

Got publish in International Journal of research for studies in English Language and Literature (Link- One Step)


Being a Sketch Artist with Poetic Heart

Fantasy of my ‘ART’,

Invented like  drizzling,  through the deep,

Consciousness of dreaming ‘HEART’,

One leg down and another over my head,

Did I sit in ‘Yoga’ over my sweet bed?

No no! It was finger, direct from the heart,

pointed that what just I ‘SKETCHED’ in my palm,

Oh…Yes! I dreamed it,

Once it was here, but now where?

That ‘FLOWER’ and ‘POT’, of childhood

Which just I wrote….

One line over other line,

Sliding over and over,

meshing and crashing their own face,

Look like a jungle of ‘HAIR’.

Up up up,

Down down down,

Bisect that wooden boat,

Second before hanged with base,

Now flowing in position like wave.

Centered that rounded plate,

Keep it with grounded face.

Oh! look its watching us,

My art, into a ‘EYE’….Imagine

Imagine it high…..

I did, I amused..

You do you will….

It keeps people alive, in depression,

Or in a time when tension so high.

A pen inside your finger,

Don’t play,

Let it slide on paper…..


try it, to see insight,

What you did, on paper’s thigh,

I did it, when depressed

But in the end

I find a new ‘RACE’

Being a ‘POET’ it’s simple,

But being ‘ARTIST’, looks like

everything is Mingle.