Fairy Story

Once there was a poor girl, she was living with her mother in a deep and wide forest. She used to collect wood from that forest and shell them to the market. One day she found very uncommon thing in forest, she found a figure hidden in wooden mesh; it was look like a woman standing ahead to her. It was sunny day, and sun was overhead to her just a few while ago, when she figured out that it was woman’s figure. A sunny day went to total dark, this strange event bring her to extreme fear. She ran towards to her hut. After running a few miles she noticed that there was no dark anymore. She was so shocked. 

In hurry moves she reached to her hut, and whole the event, she narrated to her mother with every small activity. Mother was also shocked; she never came through this event. She instructed her daughter not to go on that side again. 

Few days later, girl was in forest, but on the other site, she was about to lift wood’s bundle on her head, suddenly she noticed the same figure in wooden mess. She was frightened; she threw that bundle on ground, and started to run. Again she narrated whole thing to mother, mother was so shocked and surprised. She advised her not to think about it and to get some sleep. 

Next morning the girl walked up, and came out of hut. She was washing her face with water. When she washed her face, and lifted up to enjoy the beautiful scene of forest in front of her hut, she noticed the same figure in that mess in front of hut. She was extremely shocked and cried loudly. 

Next part of story will be narrated in my next blog….Fairytalk

Human exists in every Animal

Humanity in animalNature is very surprising, everything which it had created have certain importance, human beings are the most valuable creation over earth. But i am talking about m the animal, anyone can observe that animals have more humanity then the humans, they lives together with harming the other, besides it they kill or hunt each other only for food not for fun…… They know what they have to. On the other hand, human keep knowing the consequences of certain event and let that happen again and again..

Love is a divine thing…..

Love is Divine

Krishna symbol of love and spirituality in relationship, his love for Radha exceptionally reflects the real bondage between man and women. Assuming that this love still have its true meaning in world, i had drawn in this sketch a  Krishna and Radha…… who is running for Krishna because he  made her a call.