Missed Call…

A sleep of lonely tiredness,

Gone deep like Ocean.

Stuck on elbows,

Heavier as Stone.

Roam around the world,

In stupidity of my careless.

My phone rang several times,

Inbox rushed with text.

Somebody away from the walls,

Worrying about Me.

Dreaming of possibilities,

Hurting by predictions of Harm.

From the rains of my sleep,

To the thunders of My Grief.

They have waited silently,

But hide the Stroms of careless.

I woke up with a thought,

That I was bleeding,

Parent’s Faith…

The borrow of my dreams,

I watched on Mobile screen.
100  Msg by Dad,

70 calls by Mom.

Battery gone made,

Perhaps! That’s why dead…


More than Infinity

When I wish to Admire your presence,

I found, words to be helpless.

My speech feel tsunamis of thoughts,

And traumas of cyclic floods of your love.

It’s you whose presence, signify me,

More than infinity.

And hide boundaries of hollowness of myself,

Which bound me to jump out of me..
You are broker of my happiness,

Please be with..
Every single moment,

Which built scary scenario,

Being lost you,

From my hands.

Kills me thousand times,

In matter of a minute..

Yeah! I am doubtfull of my own,

Who can’t keep a strong hold,

On my Foolish Imaginations…..
But I am helpless in this single matter.

Want to admit a single fact,

That you,

Yes! Only you,

Whose signify my presence.

I am a fly of my own dreams…. and I nurtured you to fly.

I is a story of a small butterfly, who came into this world with huge amount of 

desires and expectations, but its journey was supported by a tree which was very old. And that tree have less knowledge of outer world becuse he never being gone through that. When both faced each other they argued for butterfly’s high wishes and eagerness.  So what ever they said i summerized in a poem… take a look.

I got wings, 

I was blessed to fly.

Now I am a fly…
I will sit,

I will rush,

I will swing,

As I have desired.

And I will dance,

I scroll my list of disres.

Now I am a fly.
This or that,

Yellow or Red,

Small or huge,

I will kiss,

Flowers of my choice…

Now I am a fly.

That days has gone,

Skeleton was hanged,

From long footslog,

Now I am a fly.
I will go,

Where this air will blow,

I will smell,

Every onces taste.

These are days of

My choice.

Now I am a fly.
Take a hold,

First check troll?

Where to go?

From where to start?

Where to stop?

Because this not a world of,

Your desires.
You are in sleep,

Just watch your feet,

When and what,

Do you have that thought?
Just think one time,

Can any body harm?

It’s me or you,

Both are not true.

Just think of worse,

I don’t mean to crush.

I played my role,

Nutured to stop.

I can be wrong,

I could be wrong.

But I wished your,

Brilliant habitats.

And only wish to,

Create one notarized.

Back in My arms

Will get you back in my arm,
Sooner or later oh my life..

It’s hard time i know,
To secure your love…

Go where heart leads you go,
Don’t ask me let you go….

It’s long way to go,
And it’s a turn all that i know….

Slowly slowly you moved,
Oh my love far away…

And i am waiting here,
To bring you back my way…

I believe in that,
Will get you back in my arm,
Sooner or later oh my life..

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Valentine Special

I have been through
The ages,
I have came through
The faces..
It’s you who
Stops me,
At my early thirties.


Never seen an angle face before,
Which makes me kneel my ego.

Browny eyes with spark,
Dragged me out of my spa,
And retreated me with,
Waves of love’s natural flow.

Oh! Years I have waited,
A dimpled smile,
As yours.
It feed me joyful fear.

It’s golden era of my journey,
Full of God’s blessing,
And your mercy.

Emergance of you,
After a long suffering in,
World of love.
Made me admit that,
Its you not me,
Who being so special.

So on this Valentine’s week,
Wish you all the joy,
You seek.
It’s me or someone else,
Have given all my bless.

It’s long way ahead,
Counting our steps.
Let’s make this valentine,
So delightful,
So it will become,
A long stay…..

For my very special friend…

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A Drop Befor it Rains..

Long long time,
full of awaiting,
Needed to sustain,
this pathetic harmony of being a desert.

Oh my merciful God,
Far far away,
Sitting beyonds the clouds,
Begging you all your mercy,
Only for a moment,
To be rain
One Drop before it rains…

I am not in that hurry,
To mug all my pain,
In a moment,
Just needed a slow treatment,
To be energized myself,
To sustain again…

Being a long in same situation,
Afraid of drowned with your cloudy,
Fruitful heavy Rain..

Let me be habitual of your mercy,
I being a Desert for so many years,
Remained in ‘Merichika’ of my own,

Full of fruits of berries,
Sweat, small and easily available.
I covered by my own forest,
Of white sand, with patches of bushes.
I conquered a vast ocean of my own,
Attracted numbers of thirsty in a day.

Richness of my own type,
Afraid of this sudden change..
Oh god!
Please be merciful on me,
But slowly slowly,
In the drops of your a few…..

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