A butterfly’s guide

Fragrance through the Garden,
Caught several time my pardon.
It is a little new born Butterfly,
Who broke it’s exoskeleton,


It was hanged from number of weeks,
Just above my head,
In tiny balcony of mine.
I used to see  it in those days,
I grew few flower plants for it,
2 white lilies and one Mogra.
I wished it would stay here forever,
As my child and part of mine.
I created few artefacts of flowers,
Decorated windows as garden.
And spread scent to feel home.
Its not been a day it came out,
It gone through all flowers,
And it tried to break glass,
To left my home and to pass.

I forgot its a nature,
Whom I tried to tie,
In my selfish little desire,
But its a nature of new born,
To fly.
Only fragrance could it tie.


Could love more than Wished

I could love you more than,
You wished.
But alignment of line,
Was not sure.


We turned in all directions,
Sometimes my predictions gone wrong. It’s you or your beauty,
Which bind my hands.
It’s you or you vocals,
Which hide my voice.
It’s you or your arguments,
Which tide my flow.

Everything happend between,
Like a ideal pair of love.
I could love you more, than
You wished.

It was you or your illegal conditions,
Which dragged me to stop.
It was you or your affections,
Which rolled my hope.

We were paragon of our kinds,
But we could lead others mind.
If I could love you more, than
You wished.

It was me or my fear,
Which led you to accept sorrow air.
It was me or my tear,
Which conviced you not to alarm a dear.

My part I played as a common man,
You could love me more than,
I wished.

I am Book

I born to be a Book,
Pre titled..

The moment I jumped out,
I faced to be a observer…
When I was growing,
I feed to be kind and helpfull…
Till twelf My pages was written with same ink…
The day I appeared to be grown,
They left me to become older…

I passed trough times in last few years,
Experimenting and analysizing,
The world, the people…

Now I grown to be twenty five…
I am fully written by society and mankind…..
I analysed and exprimented every single thing, I came across..

I am a book of my own Rules now,
I saw badness which seemed to be good..
I felt sorrow where there was no cry…
I flew without wings on my own way…
And I pulled back by my own soulmates….

From the childhood to a man, I used to drain from
Small to long rivers…
Little to huge mountains….
Narrow to wast oceans….

My pages were erased several times,
I crushed, smashed, slaughter and drained mythological truths,and I over written number of blinds…

Now, I am book of my own thoughts, my own blinds, my own truths, my own wishes and my own Rules….

I lost my way

I lost my way, bring me back.
It’s only  a hand.
Please bring me back.

Oh! mother of my dreams,
Please drag back my hand.

You taught me love,
Either human or a bird.
You gave me that heart,
Which bleeds on this path.

It’s tough to sustain,
Slow and heavenly became this pain.
I have lost,
Yeah! I have lost,
That great train..

People to people see,
Sorrow fills sky.
Brother cuts wrists of his own ‘BHAI’

Time has change,
Yes! Time has change.
In this surroundings,
I never found mankind.

Greed has spread,
Along the trail of my walk to light.
Don’t dare to see,
That dark sky..

A bomb will blow,
On the day from the sky.
This meant to a good neighbor,
Or lovely mankind.

I am not too far,
I just touched the war.
Ready to jump in fire,
My doubts are high,
My soul ready to buy..
That fucking big fight,
No no i won’t be polite.

I go on fire,
To save this hire..
You drag me back.
Please puss me back.
To your chest,
Where i can feel,
Few things to heel.
I am not that tough,
I will learn that fact.

What this fight, why to hide,
Whom to serve, and
When to learn….?

Who i am?
Whom to game?
What this play?

Need to change?
This world on Name.

Or i have to say,
I have lost,
Own myself,
Funniest thing,
Hide to clean.

It’s time to think,
Or drag me back..
Or puss me back…..

Beyond the Indian’s Mindset: We are Progressing Technically but Lacking Mentality-Wise


It’s very though to start such a disastrous topic over here, it might upset the few of my readers but I feel it’s worth discussing here.


Technology in the hands of businessmen
                  Indian with Technology 

We are Indians, rather I will prefer to say that “we are the Mighty Indians” always looking towards the west, following, learning, and behaving like west but we are still Indians with narrow streets all through our heart which still boosting the barrier between the knowledge and traditions, knowledge and religion. And what is this barrier ‘Read Technology’ ‘leave technology’ ‘follow technologies’ ‘behave technology’ but ‘religion: no technology’ ‘marriage: forget technology’. And life: no explanations by technology’.  That’s why I said that “we are mighty Indians”.

Well I sound awkward, but it’s true. World is progressing day by day, even second by seconds there are inventions which are stepping forward. We are curious to know them; we are teaching these to ourselves and to our children if here I use the word ‘imposing’, might not be bad. But why we are doing these things? That’s the biggest question to highlight here. Why we are learning all these technologies when at the end there will be no use of them to us, at the end we are going to decide everything on the basis of tradition, religion and society.  Then what is the use of learning all this things? Do we are approaching to a war? Must say a technology war where everyone is going to throw all their technologies to win the fight or we are just running in the race which does not have any aim? Is it not awkward to us?


Well we are the men and women who are transferring our knowledge and wealth to our lads but in the end we are recovering all these ‘Givings’ on the name of society and religion. Is that our life of being sophisticated learners? Is it not a hollowness which still awakes inside us?


After mentioning all above points, now am coming to my real topic, and in true words I wanted to talk about the marriage of technically educated people. It’s a very vibrant issue in today’s India.  Well some of my friends’ encountered same conditions in their life, that make me to think a lot. I am still unable to understand why this is happening in India, well am not concerning about other parts of world here, it’s possible in comparison to India they might have worst situations over there.  Why we people still having the control over the life of children after educating them in such a well technical manner? This question knocks the door of mind and I never ever able to get the answer; but I have same question blinking in this vast sky which deeps the lights of my eye.

images (1)

When we impose these controls on the marriages of technically educated children, I feel we are always afraid of our society and gossips which will be there after love marriages basically. Some highly social people think this as matter of prestige, dignity and pride. These big words never mind shows the glory of society but what about the life? What happens if someone loves someone and marry his or her? What is to do with society? Is it not their life? Is it a society’s life? But we have great explanations for all these things.  Here I feel I should mention one more thing that we are not fools its essential to say, there must be some regions with correct explanations in the hands of our elders but again I have question;  do these explanations are universal? Can we justify ourselves in-front of world? Can we proof the validity of these theories?


Well I am Indian; I am not saying all the above facts are true for each and every one. And I am not leaving the hands of non-technically educated children. But it is matter of concern and we have to do something for these. I feel grabbing a knowledge is good but erasing the wrong habits or traditions or practices is great……………………………..

Kalyuga: How much Lord Khrishna Do we need in today’s world?

Kalyuga is a sketch will alarming the issue of current world, It’s a voice to heal the dead hearts of people of our world. We are in 2015, till the last day if I am brought the issue of rap cases in all around the world then you may realize that it’s going to be increase day by day, like a world of wildings their people do not have respect for women and assume them a toy and a matter of pleasure only.

KalyugaHere is an evidence;

Minister of state for home Kiren Rijiju said according to UN Crime Trends Survey 2010, the US recorded 85,593 cases of rape in that year followed by Brazil with 41,180 rape cases.
A total of 22,172 rape cases were registered in India in 2010, he said. The UN data said in the US, 27.3 rape cases were reported per lakh population, followed by 21.09 in Brazil and in case of India, there were 1.8 cases of rape per lakh population. The United Kingdom has reported 15,892 cases of rape in 2010 (28.8 cases of rape in per lakh population) and in Mexico, there were 14,993 cases of rape (13.2 cases of rape in per lakh population). France has reported 10,108 cases of rape, which is 16.2 cases of rape in per lakh population. There were 7,724 cases of rape in Germany, 5,960 cases of rape in Sweden (63.5 cases of rape in every lakh population), 4,907 cases of rape in Russian Federation, 4,718 cases of rape in Philippines and 3,157 cases of rape in Colombia.

When I came through the fact that India; a place of birth of gods has third place among these case; my heart bleeds I certainly remember a scene of the great Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ it was starting of Kalyuga; when brother started to wish death of another brother, the son-in-law of ‘Pandu’ was brought to court by picking her hairs by Dhushashana on the command of his eldest ‘Korav’ brother, he tried to unclothed the ‘Paanchali’ (the ‘Pandu’ son-in-law); at that time ‘Lord Krishana’ helped her and maintained her dignity.

Now we are here in this world where respect of women going down day by day we have seen the data, India has its third place. A question here comes in my mind that if require a help from lord Krishna in a day or in hour where a number of rap cases occurs all our the world, and number of women-harassment cases filed in police station and number of cases remained untold or hidden. I hope it will be in thousand or more krishna will be needed, but our bad luck lord Krishna has no physical appearance in present, and gods of all human being have been at a long vacation to not watch this and to not stop this happening.

Well here I feel, which i tried to illustrated by my sketch too that every man has a beast in his heart, whenever that grows stronger it attacks women to show its presence and alarm the sound that it’s still there but god has left us due to our sins. Through this sketch I wish to awake the sleeping god inside the heart of man to be come in its proper conscious and to realize that whom they are hurting and rapping. The person passes through these affairs of rap and harassment; man has to realize that they are still a man of pride and the victims are also a beautiful part of them they have to respect women, to maintain their dignity because Kalyuga don’t have a god to save them we have to maintain our god inside us and serve right place of women. Because

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ॥

yatra nāryastu pūjyante ramante tatra devatāḥ|
 yatraitāstu na pūjyante sarvāstatrāphalāḥ kriyāḥ ||

yatra naaryastu puujyante ramante tatra devataaH |

yatraitaastu na puujyante sarvaastatraaphalaaH kriyaaH ||
Meaning: The divine are extremely happy where women are respected ;
where they are not, all actions (projects) are fruitless.