mysteryIt is a random sketch, Just wondering to draw… It seem it looks like a mystery of woman, who has lots of secrets in her life…….

Human exists in every Animal

Humanity in animalNature is very surprising, everything which it had created have certain importance, human beings are the most valuable creation over earth. But i am talking about m the animal, anyone can observe that animals have more humanity then the humans, they lives together with harming the other, besides it they kill or hunt each other only for food not for fun…… They know what they have to. On the other hand, human keep knowing the consequences of certain event and let that happen again and again..

Love is a divine thing…..

Love is Divine

Krishna symbol of love and spirituality in relationship, his love for Radha exceptionally reflects the real bondage between man and women. Assuming that this love still have its true meaning in world, i had drawn in this sketch a  Krishna and Radha…… who is running for Krishna because he  made her a call.