More than Infinity

When I wish to Admire your presence,

I found, words to be helpless.

My speech feel tsunamis of thoughts,

And traumas of cyclic floods of your love.

It’s you whose presence, signify me,

More than infinity.

And hide boundaries of hollowness of myself,

Which bound me to jump out of me..
You are broker of my happiness,

Please be with..
Every single moment,

Which built scary scenario,

Being lost you,

From my hands.

Kills me thousand times,

In matter of a minute..

Yeah! I am doubtfull of my own,

Who can’t keep a strong hold,

On my Foolish Imaginations…..
But I am helpless in this single matter.

Want to admit a single fact,

That you,

Yes! Only you,

Whose signify my presence.

Author: RV_Sir

Currently working as Asst. Professor in Parul University, Vadodara. I have my hands in the fields of art and poetry and continuously boosting my skills. You can refer for checking in what I am up to.

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