I lost my way

I lost my way, bring me back.
It’s only  a hand.
Please bring me back.

Oh! mother of my dreams,
Please drag back my hand.

You taught me love,
Either human or a bird.
You gave me that heart,
Which bleeds on this path.

It’s tough to sustain,
Slow and heavenly became this pain.
I have lost,
Yeah! I have lost,
That great train..

People to people see,
Sorrow fills sky.
Brother cuts wrists of his own ‘BHAI’

Time has change,
Yes! Time has change.
In this surroundings,
I never found mankind.

Greed has spread,
Along the trail of my walk to light.
Don’t dare to see,
That dark sky..

A bomb will blow,
On the day from the sky.
This meant to a good neighbor,
Or lovely mankind.

I am not too far,
I just touched the war.
Ready to jump in fire,
My doubts are high,
My soul ready to buy..
That fucking big fight,
No no i won’t be polite.

I go on fire,
To save this hire..
You drag me back.
Please puss me back.
To your chest,
Where i can feel,
Few things to heel.
I am not that tough,
I will learn that fact.

What this fight, why to hide,
Whom to serve, and
When to learn….?

Who i am?
Whom to game?
What this play?

Need to change?
This world on Name.

Or i have to say,
I have lost,
Own myself,
Funniest thing,
Hide to clean.

It’s time to think,
Or drag me back..
Or puss me back…..

Author: RV_Sir

Currently working as Asst. Professor in Parul University, Vadodara. I have my hands in the fields of art and poetry and continuously boosting my skills. You can refer linesays.org for checking in what I am up to.

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