Sun set

We climbed top of the Hill,
To embrace the glory of light,
To see, to feel, to enjoy,
The fight between,
Dust and light.
It was slow, but instant,
Each of them fighting back,
To produce colors,
Colors which feel ‘wow’.

It was changing layer to layer,
Light shades to dark,
Yellowish to redish,
Wow seems beautiful.

Caught my heart,
I felt again happier,
But i thought,
It is sun set,
End of day,
But still i am happy,
I am not negative,
Then what should i learn,

Humm… to Rise again after got Fallen.


Let me forget you…..

Yeah! As people says,
I have a pain of you.
Inside the conduits of my heart,
They blow air of your memories.



Scratch the walls,
Every time  i try to paint.

I beg you,
As i never begged to God,
Let me forget……

Yeah! i am destine to die,
Keeping inside a ‘Haay’*.
I can’t forget you,
Knowing you are not my.

Heal me, heal me,
Oh God!
With Mersey of your grace…

It’s hurting  me,
As hurts a wetted rope….

Your habitat being my eye,
Finds time to cry…
Don’t you think i haven’t try,
But every face,
Brought me that ‘Haay’.

Let me forget…
Let me forget…..

Every morning and each byee,
That coffee shop, and each ride..

Oh! It’s hurting me, hurting me,
Don’t you understand..
It’s pumping me, pumping me,
Always down stairs….

It’s true, it’s true,
I wanna to forget…
It’s you, it’s you,
Who brought me in case…

Let me forget,
It’s you,
Whom wanna to forget…

*’Haay’ means a deep breath full of pain

Sleeping without pain

The moment I end with work,
My heart starts yielding,
To get the grace of you…
My eyes invite that deep,
Undiscoverable silence,
And puss me to sleep….
To embrace you again,
Right by my heart,
And myself feel you still alive,
Inside me…..
It’s being hard to believe,
You are not with me,
The moment I sleep,
You hang with me,
In that beautiful paradise of my dreams….
And I feel again being alive,
By touching your chicks,
And grabbing your hand,
In real paradise of my heart…