Hollowness beyond the thoughts,

Cuts the veins, ruins the gems,

If flourished inside the heart.


Seems a dead without dead’s wish,

Its harms the shadow, which

Covers the man-role.

A vessel meant to be empty,

Hollowness derives its nature,

But a man, with hollowness,

Ruins own creation.


When I saw out that window,

I found joy spreading everywhere,

I heard the songs, sung by everyone,

Rather I can feel the touch of air,

Which felt to dance with same chair.

But if try to keep me inside,

Hollowness cuts my throat, and

Ruins my night

Which filled now with tears.


Subduction of that feeling can boost,

Till the ends of desire,

But imparts only if one changes the ways,

To fight with own hollowness…


Author: RV_Sir

Currently working as Asst. Professor in Parul University, Vadodara. I have my hands in the fields of art and poetry and continuously boosting my skills. You can refer linesays.org for checking in what I am up to.

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