Slow walk heading to Moon

One evening I started a walk,

Toward the shining ball,

Hanging in the vast sky,

Lightening in the dark….

walk heading to moon

I pulled left foot in air,

To start my slow but,

Predestine walk….

Through the streets,

Of my thoughts,

Narrower but open,

To the knowledge’s fog….

I can feel the trickling,

Of the stars,

Running in the way,

Having brighter as charm…

A move another to my shadow,

May lead to the earth’s dead ore,

But slower if I would move,

May enjoy the treasure of that heavy moon…

This step, slow step,

Balancing the movement of air lamina,

Can dig the heights to someone’s lead,

But turbulence may distract the whole wind…

It’s a journey of my moves,

Undetermined but will give me a woo,

Today I know path of my way, with

Slow walk heading to moon…