One Last Try

My arms leaned in the deep,

Widened Shadow…

My head feels caught into

The loop of unknowns…

Raised pumping of my blood,

Into the veins of my heart,

Sign of my tiredness…

Depressed eyes of mine,

Made me away to reality…

Doors Awaits to open, but

Dead dead my efforts are dead…

my motive just lost in dark boom,

One last try, could be Filled or Emptied… 

But One last try……. To

Dignified my retirement 

For next survival

One last try…


The Girls Hostel


I saw… At ground, right there,

A bundle of stars, and lights in star dust,

Colorful, joyful, cheerful,

I encountered, this evening,

Yeah! Right in front of my small face,

Seen them, muttering, gossiping, and laughing a lot,

Seemed like flowers with beauty, decorated in colors,

Yeah! Lots of colors, different and shining,

And soft, when I felt that touch,

Multiplied heartbeats under the sky, and

With glorified faces in love for each,

I was there, so called heaven,

“The Girls Hostel”

It was an evening,

Among the Shining stars and droplets in their shadow,

Evening of Hostel’s Day celebration.

Today, my eyes remained stun,

My words lacked that tides of thought,

And my Pen feels complexity in describing,

That view.

Hard to compare among stars and their beauty.