Scarcity of Thoughts

Scarcity of thoughts,
In people, made of pieces,
Of beautiful, aggressive, and
useful Flower pot.
If it is, that it was,
The smells, 
Waved to enlighten others,
To be exposed.
Exposed to show,
Their talent,
Their art,
Their wonderfulness,
To predict,
A success,
Behind the huge wall of,
Makes people alive,
To worth first to himself,
then the others. And
Scarcity makes,
Other to dead for,
And then him for other..
It’s a wheel,
Rotating slow,
Each perimeter passes,
Creates a way to thousand,
To drop you in well,
Full of folk tells..
The vision of thoughts,
Pusses through a
Narrow and panic tunnel,
Ending the imprisonment,
To delighted, the world,
First to you, then the others…