Empty Bucket

Empty- Bucket

I swallow the Thirst,

My condition is Worst,

Became a ‘Empty Bucket’,

Once full of Pride, was ready to Bow, now

Lazy, thoughtless, bribed, senseless….

Here the Charm,

Without guts, without Warm,

Gloomy which Thought,

My head once to Brought.

Building a Rope,

Hurry to Drop,

Welling inside,

Where did I hide?

To whom i gambled?

Did i break my Tie?

Let’s having a Glass,

Keeping a Watch,

A effort to fill,

‘Empty Bucket’ to Heal.


A offer to Let you Go…..

If my senses being jammed,
And If you feel I can’t.
It’s your fault that missed,
The edge of my thought,
My heart never die,
And it will  you watch me by,
If I could smell that wine,
Once your lips brought me, Do i lie? 
That will enough; to recognize
The love within my veins,
Runs like wind at high,
If you stand apart,
at the door of my heart,
I will feel you by my side,
In the air, in the water, in the fire of night watch..
Don’t you ask me to let you go?
Ask you to just pass…
My love is true, says divine of my heart,
You walk and see I will stand for you,
At the door, to watch, without fear, without tears,
Like a pot full of flowers, just smiling,
And waiting to catching your last watch.
If you feel you can be without me,
I will be without you,
No No… without your presence……..