Fairy Story-Ends

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Her mother came out after hearing her cry, and asked her to tell her what did happen.welcoming the visionThe girl was so frightened that she couldn’t speak a single word. Her mother brought her some water; she took a sip of water and narrated the whole story again. Her mother was shocked she tried to see whatever her daughter had seen but she couldn’t.  That was a mysterious day for both of them because one could see that thing another was not.

Days are gone the little girl caught herself packed inside that hut, refused to move free in forest and remained captured in a deep thought.  Her mother was very upset in those days.

One day a holly monk came across that forest, felt thirsty and hungry after waking a lot. When he searched for food and water in dark.  He noticed a blink of light coming from some mile.  He came near that hut and asked for water and food. The old woman came out and offered him a rest inside the hut with bringing him water and she got busy in preparing some food. The monk was setting aside of that little girl, but girl never gave him any regards. He was a very kind monk, he understood the situation and began to talk, “Hey Little Girl! You seems like you are ill? Is there any problem with my presence?” Little girl turned around with deep breath, and said to him, “My apologies for disrespect you Holly monk, yeah! I am ill.” Monk continued to ask her, “You can tell me about the fear which you are hiding from me, possible I can help you” After listing that word girl started to weep loudly by recognizing what happened with her in past. The holly monk asked her to narrate all story from beginning. The girl narrated whole story to him. Having insight of that story holly monk was surprised, he asked her to go with him and show all that places to him in the morning. Monk took the meal and went to bed.

Next morning both girl and holly monk visited the same places where little girl felt a figure. But it was strange thing that there was nothing left as was before when girl noticed. Girl was shocked. The holly monk asked her to walk toward her hut and started to examine her activities all through the way.  He examined each and every small thing which she was doing in the way.

The little girl was talking to flowers, running with the wind, mocking with the frogs, and dancing with peacock.  She also set on the bank of river for some time and watching that open sky where it going to end.  She climbed on the tree to catch the heavy sky. She jumped like monkey and laughed like a king. Holly monk was watching all the things happening with girl and got surprised.

At same moment when girl came to her hut, holly monk came too. He asked her mother to bring some food and water. The mother came in hurry because she wanted to know everything which happened in forest. But holly monk refused to tell her anything till morning. And he started to ask her some questions, “From how much time you both are living in this forest?” Mother replied, “From the day, when my daughter got birth.” “Were there anybody else live here before or after the birth?” Mother replied, “Yes! There was a little girl same age like my daughter. They both were good friends.” Holly monk asked another question, “Now, where is she?” Mother replied with a deep breath, “She is dead.” Monk enquired about her death to mother then she told him that once both the girls was playing in the forest, that girl was hiding in the mesh of trees, suddenly a fox came there and took her away. After knowing the whole story monk suggested her to get some sleep.

Next morning was a sunny morning, sun came early in the sky and there was a rare combination of rainbow and sun in that morning.  The mother was waiting for monk who left for a bath before morning. A small flash of monk brought her a lot of joy. She hurried to welcome the monk with hot tea. And set aside him to know what was happening to her daughter.  Monk started to tell her, “Mother! Your daughter is not ill, she is perfect, she just needed to direct in a right way.” Mother asked politely, “What is it sir?” Monk asked her to bring her daughter. The girl stood in-front of the holly monk.

Holly monk gave her a leaf of banana tree, and asked her to draw the same figure which is noticed at the very first day. After completing it, monk gave her another leaf and asked her to draw the figure which she noticed another day, and this process remained continue till the day when that figure appeared in-front of her hut. The monk examined all the drawing carefully, and realized that the places was different but the figure was the same. Now he started to talk his mother, “ Mother your daughter is, perfect I examined her in good manner, in my perception she is fighting with loneliness, the only friend she had in the past she lost in that game. And now she is wandering that friend everywhere.” Listening that, mother was shocked. She asked him, “Is it not a matter of worry, sir?”  Monk replied, “No! No! Mother it is not a matter to get worry.  There is a good new here, your daughter is an artist too, she these sketches how realistic they are.”  Now he called the little girl, and told him to conquer over her fear by giving birth to new art, and make them a source to mitigate her loneliness.  He also advised her to flew in full motion till the end of sky like a bird and catch the desires of filling the world of her’s no matter how alone she is, no matter how dark there is. Girl admired his advice, and promised him not to get feared of anything what she feel, light or dark…….

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Woman Feticide

womwn feticide

Scene of women in present world is miserable; They are murdered all over the world; this is a very serious situation. But in India a most brutal form of killing females takes place regularly, even before they have the opportunity to be born. Female feticide–the selective abortion of female fetuses–is killing upwards of one million females in India annually with far-ranging and tragic consequences. So the sex ratio is going down and down in some areas of India,  The  situation broke like the females are willing to do the same thing; however they knows that this is wrong, but they are participating in this sin. It seems like it becomes a culture and pride of our tradition in  some families. I don’t understand why this  happening here, although we all knows the consequences thereafter we are allowing this kind of murder in society. Females not only face inequality in this culture, they are even denied the right to be born. Why do so many families selectively abort baby daughters? In a word: economics. It is practically happening here, but in true words its a game plan of women itself, why?? it is a difficult question to answer.  Here what i tried to draw that after marriage, how women changes from a sensitive girl to a broad house women, her thoughts got change and see left to think like a girl……… Cunning-ness spread over her mind which supports the born of a male child only, not a girl one. It a matter of her pride too to become a mother of male child in her family… Yeah! some what it goes like that… But Here i only blame for women feticide to women, not to male… That is why because in present women are so powerful, which are leading in all the field, so educated too if they are not working, then it totally depend on them that to whom they want to give birth…. These all are my views.. Sorry if anybody get hurt.

Wings of Thoughts

wings of thoughtsThoughts are the incredible thing, they may lead to a person to his or her destination with a single blow of mind. Thoughts are most unpredictable kind of events which are uncertain and uncountable. With the wings of thoughts anyone can get unachievable joy and happiness….. There is other side also which may bring us sorrow, but let us look only the positive side which keeps us happy….

A Cup of Joy

Life is full of tragedies; but among these moments of sorrow and sadness there is always a cup of joy. Some time it sparks after admiring a beauty, any kind of beauty like a nature, woman or anything else. People must enjoy every moment of life tragedy; world will never stop, so we won’t…… having a cup of joy in a hand, enjoying the life we will walk….. slowly but continuously, these spirit i tried to draw………
A cup of joy

Fairy Story

Once there was a poor girl, she was living with her mother in a deep and wide forest. She used to collect wood from that forest and shell them to the market. One day she found very uncommon thing in forest, she found a figure hidden in wooden mesh; it was look like a woman standing ahead to her. It was sunny day, and sun was overhead to her just a few while ago, when she figured out that it was woman’s figure. A sunny day went to total dark, this strange event bring her to extreme fear. She ran towards to her hut. After running a few miles she noticed that there was no dark anymore. She was so shocked. 

In hurry moves she reached to her hut, and whole the event, she narrated to her mother with every small activity. Mother was also shocked; she never came through this event. She instructed her daughter not to go on that side again. 

Few days later, girl was in forest, but on the other site, she was about to lift wood’s bundle on her head, suddenly she noticed the same figure in wooden mess. She was frightened; she threw that bundle on ground, and started to run. Again she narrated whole thing to mother, mother was so shocked and surprised. She advised her not to think about it and to get some sleep. 

Next morning the girl walked up, and came out of hut. She was washing her face with water. When she washed her face, and lifted up to enjoy the beautiful scene of forest in front of her hut, she noticed the same figure in that mess in front of hut. She was extremely shocked and cried loudly. 

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