With this ending year..2014… I came thorough lots of events which bring some actual facts of life, as i already described in my post, People with Face , yeah! its true no one is here which is true to other, even people pretends to be true to themselves but in real they are not, I am ending this year with a year which shows the dual behavior and personality of a human, hiding the facts which actually represents them, in this series I also stood at a high place, but i am true to myself, and to my heart……. 

I am planning to draw this sketch, from last 2 weeks but i completed it at last night, i shows my pain which i felt when a came across a group of people in year 2014……… I wish it will never repeat in 2015..


New Year Card for All my followers and friends

Wishing you my friends all across the globe, a very Special and joyful Happy New Year.

Coming year, may bring you a healthy and wealthy life, full of surprises which always bring a smile on your face, and family..

Few lines for my friends……..

A moment, just left us,

I know, never comeback,

But the moment, standing at door,

you can feed with your joy….

So, create it, not let it create you….

Enjoy it, laugh at it, besides it laugh at you………

A hand mad greeting card for you…..

Cover1 Card -back Cover back-1